luni, 30 ianuarie 2012

JMultiLocGMap - joomla module that I created

I created a new Joomla module.
It's purpose is to display a Google map with multiple locations on it.
Locations can be grouped into categories.
All configuration is done through an xml inside it.
The module was born out of necessity. I needed it for a website I was working on for my father.
The requirement was to have a select box and a Google map and upon changing the selected item in the selection box a new set of Google markers would appear on the map.
For example the selection box could have "schools" and "kintergardens" and when modifying the selection to "schools" the schools on the map would be displayed and when choosing "kintergardens" the kindergartens on the map would be displayed.
The xml handles all configuration for this.
This is the first version(0.0.1). The project is still in it's infancy of course.
Hope it helps someone. Everything is open-source.
The project is hosted here.

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