sâmbătă, 5 martie 2011

Merging 2 word 2007(open xml) documents

I had to merge 2 word documents once.
They were both in word 2007(open xml) format.
I searched online everywhere for a way to merge them.
All the links were about using the altChunk element. I have a problem with that. The entire document gets put in there and that is a lot of unneeded data(like header and footer etc.).

So I did it another way:
1. cloned the second document's body
2. cloned all it's children and added them to the first document's main part

Radix tree implementation in C#

Update: you can find the entire source code here 

This is my implementation of a radix tree data structure. This is a data structure very similar to a trie. Basically instead of having each one of your nodes hold a char you have each one of your nodes store a string or as wikipedia puts it, it is a trie where "each node with only one child is merged with its child".
As I understand it the names radix tree and crit bit tree are only applied to trees storing integers and Patricia trie is retained for more general inputs.
As usual I am outputting the code for each class.

First, the node:

Then the actual tree
And the test program: